Representation in courts, arbitration

Most companies sooner or later collide with infringement of treaty obligations by counterparts under transactions: delay of payments, deliveries of the goods, etc. or services that can paralyze normal economic activities of firm.

Besides you can face with illegal actions of the state bodies breaking legitimate rights and interests of businessmen, imposing of unreasonable administrative, criminal and tax sanctions, illegal decisions of law-enforcement, tax and customs bodies, etc.

Should the similar situation has occurred, it is necessary to take measures immediately.

Our experts have a significant operational experience in the given direction and will successfully protect your business from problems arising in economic activities.

Principle of our work is all-round consideration of a task in view and rendering most effective help in its resolution.

For the most effective protection of the rights of our clients we offer following kinds of services:

  • Consultations concerning optimization of conducting economical activity of the company, including taxation, with attraction, if necessary, experts of various areas of law (bookkeepers, auditors, etc.);
  • Legal examination of corporate documents;
  • Drawing up of contracts and examination of the contracts presented by counterparts;
  • Claim work, collecting debts, re-structuring of creditor debts;
  • Participation in negotiations with counterparts;
  • Representation of interests of the client in any state bodies and institutions of local government;
  • Representation of interests in arbitration court and court of the general jurisdiction: studying of materials of case, drawing up claims, counterclaims, appeal complaints, cassation complaints, applications for revision of judicial acts within supervision and on newly opened circumstances, participation in litigations in the first, appeal, cassation and supervising instances;
  • Representation during execution of judgment, with maximal use of all opportunities given by the federal executive legislation.
  • The high level of vocational training of our experts, and also wide experience of practical work allows us to resolve tasks in view most effectively.

Our lawyers shall present and protect your interests in arbitration courts of the Russian Federation and in courts of the general jurisdiction of all instances, on affairs of various categories and any complexity (appeal, cassation, supervision and on newly opened circumstances).

Working with clients, we intend to establish long-term partner attitudes. We adhere principles of confidentiality of the information given by client, efficiency of work, high professionalism of services.

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