Registration of russian companies

We assist to register compnaies in St.Petersburg and Leningrad district. We are ready to offer the following professional services:

  • Registration of legal entities, including ones with foreign investments, any legal forms (Company Limited, Joint Stock Company), modifications and changes in statutory documents.
  • Liquidation and reorganization of firms.
  • Ready-made (shelf) Russian compnaies.
  • Registration of shares issuance (emission).

Our specialists will provide you consultations regarding choice of business form and answer all questions you are interested in. We adhere to flexible price politics which are intended for maximal satisfaction of clients' requirements.

We supervise process of registration from the beginning and up to the end:

  • prepare for the necessary complete set of documents,
  • register the commercial and noncommercial organizations on a “all-included” basis,
  • put the registered organization on the account in all funds and tax inspection,
  • open the Bank account.

Our experts will help you to create the company of any legal form (Company Limited, Private and Public Joint-Stock Company), and also noncommercial organization (noncommercial partnership, the independent noncommercial organization). Terms of compnay's registration - 10 calendar days. You can receive more detailed information about our services at our legal advisers.

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